Captain America and more superheroes returned to the Battle Royale

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The current season of Fortnite is drawing to a close, so the final phase of the War on the Nexus will soon begin. During the last weeks the Battle Royale has received attractive skins of Marvel characters.

Thanks to this, players have been able to look like Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Wolverine, and other superheroes. Also, a new Black Widow skin will be available soon. The arrival of all these characters is not a coincidence, as Galactus is approaching the island of the Battle Royale.

Everything indicates that the final battle is yet to come, as several skins from previous collaborations with Marvel once again returned to the game. If you missed any, keep in mind that they will be available again for a limited time.

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These Marvel skins returned to Fortnite: Battle Royale

Through the game’s social networks, Epic Games confirmed that some superheroes will return to the Battle Royale for a limited time. Players can get their skins from the store.

So, fans can now buy back the Captain America, Blade, Daredevil skins, as well as the X-Force pack, which returned with Cable, Psylocke and Domino. Each outfit is available with its respective accessories.

The company has not revealed a date for the end of season event for now, but it is a fact that the skins will be available in the store only for a few days, so we recommend that you take the opportunity to get them.

On the other hand, we remind you that the Marvel Knockout Super Series will continue on November 18 with a new tournament, possibly with more superhero-themed skins.

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