Camouflage Fortnite Skins That Make You Harder To See

Fortnite has created a lot of unique cosmetic since its launch, and here are the ones that offer players the most unintended camouflage.

Fortnite claims its purchasable cosmetics are purely for looks and don’t offer any competitive advantage, but that isn’t always the case. With the number of new Fortnite skins being created on a weekly basis, it would be tough to test every one to see if it breaks the competitive advantage rule. This leads to some skins being released that unintentionally give the player a bit more camouflage, helping them blend in and avoid their opponents.

The Battle Royale game mode Fortnite is known for was released in 2017, and shortly after, Epic Games began to sell cosmetic items in an in-game store. These started as simple recolorings of the default skin set, and the first few skins sold in the item shop are still among the rarest skins in Fortnite. As the game has evolved over the past two years, so have its cosmetics. These simple skins are sold alongside dinosaurs and mechs, and iconic characters from pop culture have made their way into Fortnite as skins. Everything comes at a price, but players are more willing to pay for certain skins than others.

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Many professional Fortnite players will opt for female skins due to their smaller frames. This makes them harder to see from a distance and harder to hit, even though the same hitbox is shared between all skins. However, the minor visual advantage female skins provide doesn’t come close to a few skins’ unintended camouflage.

Fortnite Camouflage Skins: Evergreen/Bushranger

fortnite everygreen bushranger skins

These are two skins that bush campers will love, as they are almost completely covered in foliage. Evergreen was a free skin given to players during the Christmas 2019 event, so many players may not have it, but Bushranger cycles through the item shop on a regular basis. Standing next to or inside a bush wearing these skins will make the player very difficult to see. The only downside is that Evergreen is adorned with Christmas lights, making him easier to see, but these also come in extra handy during Fortnite‘s holiday season.

Fortnite Camouflage Skins: Toy Soldier

fortnite toy soldier skin

While Fortnite has “fixed” the Toy Soldier skins, they are still great for blending in. These completely green skins make it difficult for others to see players when in bushes or standing still in grassy fields. Large green areas are the Toy Soldier’s hunting grounds, and, luckily, the skin cycles through the item shop every now and then.

Fortnite Camouflage Skins: Frozen Love Ranger

fortnite frozen love ranger skin

This skin sticks out like a sore thumb anywhere other than the top of the Reboot Van. The Frozen Love Ranger glows bright blue, which is also the color of the Reboot Van’s insignia. If players stand completely still on top of the van until a player gets close enough, they will likely go undetected. The Frozen Love Ranger is obtained by purchasing the Frozen Legends Pack, which only returns during the winter season.

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Fortnite Camouflage Skins: Boundless Skin Set

fortnite boundless skin sets

Like the Toy Soldier, this skin was so broken Epic had to issue a fix, but the fix still didn’t make the skin useless. Fortnite‘s Boundless skin set is the most customizable in the game, making it one players may want to own, regardless of its utility. However, many players purchased this skin because of how it can blend into its surroundings. Players can change the primary and secondary colors to make the character one solid color. While players can’t be all black or all white anymore, there are still color combinations that can play tricks on other players’ vision. These skins rotate into the item shop frequently.

It’s important to remember that, even though these skins do provide somewhat of an advantage, not every player will fall for these visual tricks. There aren’t any skins that will make the player completely invisible or that perfectly match the colors and patterns of Fortnite’s environments. These skins will fool low- to mid-tier players, but they won’t do much good against the sweats.

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