Call of Duty Warzone: New Leaks Reveal the Next Possible Locations of Zombies in Verdansk

Call of Duty Warzone has had slow progress in the game’s storyline after the Season 2 update introduced zombies. The zombie infested Vodianoy ship landed in Shipwreck and since then it has moved to different locations. But a month after the update’s release, the zombies have only moved to Prison and Hospital.

Along with that, after moving to a new location, the old location doesn’t have zombies anymore, rendering them almost useless in the story. But a new leak suggests that the story might pick up some pace heading into Season 3, with new locations for the migrating zombies.

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New leaks reveal 5 new locations for Call of Duty Warzone Zombies

Few days ago, popular COD insider, ZestyCODLeaks, revealed new information about some probable locations the zombies might head to after Hospital. There are five new locations for the zombies to migrate which include the Bank, Dam, TV Station, Superstore and the Stadium. These are some of the most popular locations in Verdansk, with a lot of combat taking place in the early stages. Naturally, adding zombies to these locations will definitely increase the thrills.

The leaks come from the game’s script files, which show the zombie spawns for the various POIs. One location even recently got added as a zombie hotspot. The Acropolis National Bank in the South Central part of the map recently got confirmed to become zombie infested after various content creators received a Piggy Bank as a clue.

The developers have revealed the new locations by sending artifacts to content creators. Developers sent the creators prison uniform and medical scrubs which suggested the move to Prison and Hospital, respectively. So with the confirmation of Bank being the next location, it’s possible that they will also move to the other four locations.

The zombies storyline heading into Season 3

Fans have complained about the story’s pace a month after the release of Season 2. But, with three more weeks remaining in Season 2, it still leaves five probable locations for the zombies to infect. This might be the perfect opportunity to pick up the pace and add multiple locations infested with zombies. Along with that, by the end of the season, zombies might infect an enormous chunk of the map.

This infestation will be the catalyst heading into Season 3 and the highly rumored Warzone Nuke event. The event will destroy the map and bring in the much needed revamp for the Warzone map. Fans can expect the progress to increase after the release of the mid-season update next week. With just under a month remaining, fans can expect a lot of chaos in Verdansk before it blows up.

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