Call of Duty Mobile Developer Investigating Phantom Skin Invisibility Bug

A particular skin is making players invisible in Call of Duty matches, leading Activision to issue a statement concerning the newly found bug.

One of the most popular mobile games on the market, Call of Duty Mobile, has run into a weird bug that’s turning some players invisible in the middle of deadly matches.

The glitch was highlighted by a Reddit user who encountered an invisible player in a ranked team deathmatch. According to him, the invisible player was nice enough to let him record the screen as a piece of evidence to report the bug. It turns out, the source of the glitch is the new Phantom Skin, which is literally living up to its name.

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As evident from the video, the player with Phantom skin is completely invisible save for the red lights and active weapon. There are better chances of tracking such players when they are using larger weapons such as a sniper rifle. Going by the comments, many COD Mobile fans have noticed this bug, so this doesn’t seem like an isolated incident.

Moreover, a few players claim that this bug also persists in Battle Royale mode. And some folks have commented about not wanting to fire up the ranked matches until this bug is ironed out. Thankfully, Publisher Activision has already acknowledged the problem and issued a statement from COD Mobile‘s official account. With the company actively investigating this incident, a fix shouldn’t be too far down the line.

Considering the level of customizability on offer in terms of avatars and cosmetics, such glitches are quite common in online multiplayer games. Free-to-play title Call of Duty: Warzone too has run into similar issues time and again. Recently, a game-breaking invisibility bug was caused by a Forest Spirit skin, which is a Legendary Ghillie Suit, part of the Eloko bundle. These problems aren’t limited to the Call of Duty franchise either.

Another massively popular multiplayer shooter Fortnite has had its fair share of invisibility glitches too. The latest one originating from the Predator cloaking suit, which players were able to exploit easily to stay invisible indefinitely. With no buffed-up Dutch around to hunt these Predators, the matches didn’t end well for most players.

Call of Duty Mobile has clocked in over 270 million downloads on Android and iOS. With new updates such as tank battle mode and fan-favorite maps such as Shipment coming soon in the next few days, COD Mobile‘s popularity is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

Call of Duty Mobile is available now on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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Source: Reddit

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