Bruno Mars Fortnite Dance Emote Now Available

Fortnite is getting a new Bruno Mars emote. The new in-game dance is based on the song Leave the Door Open by Bruno Mars, and was released over the weekend.

Mars follows the footsteps of football legend Neymar, who also made his way into the game with his own skin and challenges.

Fortnite recently kicked off Chapter 2, Season 6, bringing with it several new skins, a single-player story mission, and weapon crafting, among many other things. The single-player mission is dubbed Zero Crisis Finale.

Chapter 2, Season 6 is dubbed Primal, and its general theme revolves around wildlife and a new primal biome. Loot from wildlife can be collected to craft weapons like the Revolver, Primal Rifle, and the Flame and Metal.

The new season also brought with it a new Battle Pass, bringing new cosmetics, including skins for Jones, Raz, Tarana, Cluck, and Spire Assassin. The new characters in the saeson are Lara Croft and Raven, each coming with their own skins.

Epic has also announced an update for the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite, aiming for improved performance, consistent frame rates, and general improvements. Handheld mode resolution while playing Fortnite will be moving from 1000×560 to 1170×660, while docked mode resolution is moving from 1390×780 to 1560×880.

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