Bruno Mars Becomes Latest Member of Fortnite Icon Series

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The first Fortnite Icon Series announcement of Season 6 has been made and music superstar Bruno Mars will be the next addition to the collection.

No, he’s not going to be getting a skin in the game, but instead it’ll be a dance emote choreographed by Mars himself. Think of when the BTS had their dances come to Fortnite and that’s the same thing going on here.

The emote will be in the shop at 8 p.m. ET on April 2 and it’ll likely end up being a very popular one for fans of the singer, and perhaps even popular for people who aren’t a fan of his music.

If you’re somebody who likes to know what they’re getting before they buy it, then we have you covered!

Bruno Mars Icon Series

This dance is set to the song “Leave the Door Open,” which he performed at the Grammys, so it’s a relatively new song that’s already being immortalized in the world of Fortnite.

There are several cool dances already in the game, but this one has a chance to stand above the rest thanks to the name value of Bruno Mars and the fact the moves are choreographed by him too.

Here’s a look at the dance itself:

The only downside to this emote is we aren’t getting an actual Bruno Mars skin, which is a bit disappointing considering we’ve seen Travis Scott and Marshmello both get skins.

Then again, those two artists performed in-game concerts, something that Bruno Mars isn’t doing with the release of this emote. Nevertheless, it’s cool to see Epic Games still land huge collaborations like this, so we’re sure this will end up being a very popular emote when it hits the shop.

What’s Next For the Icon Series

Epic Games

While Bruno Mars is big news for the Icon Series in Fortnite, many fans will be wondering who the next skin will be.

Since it looks like a Bruno Mars skin isn’t happening, this has us thinking about what the possibilities could be. Typically, we’ve seen streamers and YouTubers become skins, and there are so many options still out there.

When it comes to the skins, Lazarbeam is the most recent one and if Epic wants to round things out with another Australian player, then Fresh would be an excellent choice.

However, Fresh received a locker bundle around the same time Lazarbeam got his skin, so that might not be happening for a while. There are still several names to choose from if Epic wants to stay with content creators. Those names include SypherPK, Nick Eh 30, Ali-A, and many more.

Of course, only Epic knows who’s being considered, and even though TheGrefg set records with the debut of his skin, he was likely not somebody that many people would’ve thought of when it comes to an Icon Series skin.

There’s still a lot of season left, so if Epic plans on introducing even more skins, they have plenty of time to do so. Perhaps it’ll even end up being somebody not on anyone’s radar.

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