Brilliant Fortnite concept brings siphon back as an item

Siphon in Fortnite is a topic that will always pop up from time to time. Epic added it to all modes back when Apex Legends first released, but later removed it from non-competitive modes, citing “unhealthy aggression” as their reasoning.

The system may have only been in normal Fortnite modes for a month or so, but that was long enough for a large chunk of the player base to get hooked. Siphon’s return is at the top of the wishlist of many players. It helped incentivize aggressive gameplay rather than third-party involvement.

Since its removal, players have periodically come up with new ways for Epic to add siphon to all Fortnite modes. Reddit user u/Bukakanga came up with the brilliant idea to make siphon an item rather than a system.

We don’t agree with all of the points in the graphic, below, but the idea is a strong one. Instead of making siphon a system, Epic could make it an item that adds a bit of luck and player choice. Aggressive players may choose to carry siphon while passive players opt for another type of healing item.

Via: u/Bukakanga

Now, let’s talk specifics. Three rarities of Green, Blue, and Purple sound about right – but Gold and Mythic could be too much. You should probably be able to carry other healing items while using the siphon item, as well, so Epic could make it take two slots instead of one.

It also seems like you should be able to drop the item for a friend or if you find something else that you’d prefer to carry. Otherwise, a low-level siphon item wouldn’t be worth grabbing in the first place.

The specifics could use some tweaking, but the idea remains a great one. Epic could implement something like this in public modes to meet the public halfway. This could help limit the “unhealthy aggression” while addressing a much-requested community feature. Let’s hope Epic see this suggestion!

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