Brie Larson Teams Up With Fortnite For Bushranger Skin & Collection

Brie Larson is getting her own handpicked Fortnite locker with a new Bushranger skin, and she’s teased a let’s play video with Tessa Thompson.

Brie Larson has gotten her very own Fortnite locker with a Bushranger skin and emotes. Brie Larson announced her new locker on her social media accounts and also teased that she may be releasing a video of her playing Fortnite with MCU colleague Tessa Thompson very soon.

The Captain Marvel star is an avid gamer and has made no secret about it in the past. Larson has expressed interest in playing Samus in a hypothetical Metroid film, and she started a YouTube channel last year where she showed off her Animal Crossing: New Horizons island and more. Now, she’s getting a chance to have a much more hands-on approach with one of her favorite games, Fortnite.

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On her Twitter, Brie Larson posted a video detailing her new locker release on the Fortnite item shop, which includes two emotes, Honey Hitters harvesting tool, and a purple-and-green variant of the Bushranger skin. The locker bundle costs 3,000 V-Bucks, so around $30 in real money. Larson also noted that she’ll likely release her Fortnite username sometime soon to give her fans can get an opportunity to play with her. In response to the video, a comment asked if Larson would release a video of her playing the battle royale game. The actress then excitingly teased that she may be releasing some sort of Fortnite let’s play with Tessa Thompson (AKA Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok) sometime Thursday.

Separately, Brie Larson teased an upcoming project with Thompson, so it seems that this may go hand-in-hand with that hint in some way. Whether or not her previous mentions of a project are just two MCU stars playing video games or something else entirely remains to be seen, but if there is a larger announcement, it will likely be made in Larson’s next video.

Fortnite‘s connection to the Marvel universe is growing increasingly stronger with Larson’s additions. The game appeared in Avengers: Endgame during a scene between Hulk and Thor, and Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo directed the game’s latest trailer, as well. The popular free-to-play title has also seen numerous crossovers with the Marvel universe over the years, including an event with some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes fighting Thanos to promote Endgame in 2018.

Brie Larson is also far from the only celebrity to team up with Fortnite, as rappers like Travis Scott have held virtual concerts in-game and director Christopher Nolan even showed some of his films there when theaters were closed. It’s clear Fortnite has grown beyond just a game and is really almost more of a platform of its own at this point, which could be a signal of where the entire medium could be headed.

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Fortnite is available on all platforms.

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