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Fortnite It became a relief not only for red bone gamers in this pandemic year; it was also for people who in their quarantine looked for a distraction to pass the time. And although we don’t know for sure, for sure Many people discovered with this video game that gamer side that perhaps they did not know of his personality.

With all that in tow, the developers of the battle royal know that this was the ideal moment to close the year with a flourish… or maybe with a vibranium clasp? Either way, the important thing is that now you can use three new characters from the Marvel universe in the next games: Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Taskmaster. Of course, we will tell you how you can get them.

Photo: Epic Games

Black Panther and company arrive at Fortnite

See to Marvel characters in action within Fortnite it’s nothing new really, but someone was missing to complete that feeling of excitement. After the event known as Nexus War with Iron Man, Wolverine, Storm and more heroes to face Galactus, now we have a new addition for comic book fans.

He King T’Challa -pa ‘the Black Panther buddies– was recently announced by Epic Games as one of the new skins that we can use. In addition, the new update also join Captain Marvel and the Taskmaster as part of the package Marvel Royality & Warriors. Check out the presentation trailer and then we will tell you what the package includes and how to get the new characters.

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What do they include and how to get to the new skins?

From the outset, the third of the characters are already available in the Fortnite -from December 21- for you to look for them because, yes, they appear in the limited time section. So while you read this article, you can go to the game store.

Now what does each character include? These skins come with several pretty eye-catching accessories that you’ll want to add to your list right away. The outfit of Black panther It is equipped with the kinetic load style (yes, like in the movie), some vibranium daggers as a gathering accessory, Wakandan glider / glider and the King’s Hood as a backpack accessory.

Photo: Epic Games

For its part, Captain Marvel has the ‘Empowered’ style outfit as well as an alpha staff pickaxe. But without a doubt what is most striking is Mar-Vell’s power glider and retro backpack with Kree rear armor. Regarding the Taskmaster, only the character’s own outfit was included plus a backpack with a shield and a Copion Peak collection tool.

As we said, you can already get this package in the Fortnite store at a price of 25 dollars (just over $ 500.00 Mexican pesos). Now yes, to give everything to the game this end of the year with the King of Wakanda and company.

Photo: Epic Games

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