Black Panther and Captain Marvel Fortnite Skins Now Available In Store

The Marvel superheroes Black Panther and Captain Marvel Fortnite skins have gained popularity among the fans from their memorable roles in respective blockbuster movies. There is nothing to surprise as the comic characters from Marvel’s are popular among the youth. Hence, Fortnite has targeted the iconic Marvel character skins to create engaging content for their audience. With the increase in popularity of the comic characters, there is no doubt those epic games will be including them in their multiplayer game?

Apart from the addition of the two characters, epic games also confirmed that they would be adding taskmasters who will be part of Marvel royalty in the in-game store costing around 24.99 US dollars or approximately 1,850 INR. All the players of Fortnite can include the iconic warrior skins in their inventory by purchasing them from the epic games official store present in the game.

Previous Hints On Inclusion Of Marvel Characters In Fortnite

Although, the original game developers of epic games had launched or have possibly leaked the significant details and hints of Marvel characters a long back. The game developers also confirmed that the Wakanda Salute skins would be ready to launch on the Fortnite store from late December. All the famous game fans also stated that the inclusion of iconic salute would ensure that fans get some awesome content and gameplay experience with the inclusion of their favorite characters in Fortnite.

The Black Panther has also become a box-office hit with a 1.35 US Billion Dollars collection worldwide. One thing that made the movie so special was Chadwick Bose’s man’s connection and glorious acting skills. 

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Black Panther Statue Included In Fortnite In The Previous Season

It is not the first time that epic games have gone with Marvel’s iconic characters in their game. A statue of Black Panther was already launched in the last season of Fortnite to give a legendary tribute to one of the finest actors of the generation. Moreover, the appearance of Black Panther’s character was not static as all the players can use the skills of the former character to gain special abilities in the games compared to their potential competitors.

Although the inclusion of the Black Panther skins in the game had to delay because of the death of Chadwick Bose man this year that starred for Black panther in 2018, Marvel Studios also confirmed that they are planning for a sequel for the character, but there is no official announcement from the production team of the movie.            

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