Best weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: definitive gun tier list

Fortnite Season 7 has a massive loot pool allowing players to choose the weapons that best fit their play style. This definitive tier list shows what the best weapons in Fortnite really are.

Like many of the seasons in Chapter 2, Season 7 has introduced its own unique weapons. Season 6 had primal weaponry. Season 4 featured Marvel-themed weapons. Now, Season 7 has a mix of alien and IO tech weapons that shake up the gameplay.

Not only are these weapons new versions of preexisting classes, but they also have unique functionalities that players haven’t seen before. The ray gun shoots a continuous beam and never runs out of ammo. The Rail Gun shoots through walls, but has to charge up before shooting. Season 7 has introduced some of the best weapons in Fortnite.

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Best weapons in Fortnite Season 7

Our approach to ranking the weapons in Fortnite Season 7 is a traditional tier list with S tier being the highest ranking, and D tier being the lowest. These rankings are formed using each weapon’s stats, community opinions, and personal in-game experience.

As new weapons are added, and statistics are changed, this tier list will fluctuate. We are already aware of multiple weapons that will be added to Season 7 but won’t be placed on the list until they’re released. With that being said, here is the definitive Fortnite Season 7 weapon tier list.

S Tier Weapons

S Tier weapons are undeniably the best weapons in Fortnite. The new Rail Gun has quickly become a fan favorite due to its deadly accuracy, ability to shoot through walls, and countering capabilities to UFOs. When paired with another S Tier weapon, the Recon Scanner, picking off enemies is easier than ever.

The Recon Scanner is in S Tier, not because of its raw damage output, but because of its utility. If knowing where your enemy is located is half of the battle, the Recon Scanner has that half covered. The SCAR and Rocket Launcher have been faithful S Tier weapons since the beginning of Fortnite, and the UFO is a devastating addition to the game. In a similar avenue to the B.R.U.T.E. of Season X, the UFO has earned the title of OP.

A Tier Weapons

A Tier is full of classic weapons that have been faithful to players since the beginning of Fortnite. The Assault Rifle, Tac/Pump Shotgun, and Bolt-Action Sniper have been the weapons of choice for several seasons.

Other candidates made it into the A tier such as the Submachine Gun and Burst Assault Rifle. SMGs, especially when in their Epic or Legendary rarities, can shred through builds and melt opponents’ health and shield. Burst Assault Rifles are just as handy as Assault Rifles, and it really boils down to the player’s preference.

B Tier Weapons

B Tier is inadvertently reserved for worse variants of high-tier weapons. The Heavy AR shoots much slower than the AR and has terrible bloom at lower rarities. The Rapid Fire SMG is a powerhouse for players with exceptional aim, but its small magazine forces players to make every bullet count.

The Pulse Rifle is a new weapon, but it’s similar to the Blaster Rifle. It has a 16 bullet mag and doesn’t deal much more damage than the Assault Rifle. Not to mention, it fires slower when ADS than from the hip making it a poor man’s AR. The Hand Cannon is a fun weapon to use that also deals a powerful blow each shot. However, its small magazine, slow rate of fire, and need for accuracy make it difficult to use.

C Tier Weapons

Weapon DPS Reload Time Mag Size Icon
Lever Action Shotgun 108.5 5.4 seconds 6

C Tier is the last tier of viable weapons before the worst of the gun. The Lever Action Shotgun isn’t a terrible gun, but it’s nobody’s first choice. The Tactical and Pump shotguns both deal more damage and faster reload times. But what makes the Lever Action the worst of the shotguns is that players have to use nuts and bolts to craft one.

D Tier Weapons

Weapon DPS Reload Time Mag Size Icon
Pistol 195.7 1.3 seconds 16
Kymera Ray Gun 165 2 seconds

The Pistol is one weapon that has been around since the dawn of Fortnite, but it hasn’t evolved over time. It’s small magazine and limited damage mitigation makes it viable early game, but its utility falls off after the first few minutes of a match.

The Ray Gun is a new weapon that shoots a continuous beam and deals damage similar to the SMG. However, the death ray does little damage to builds and players. It can deal damage at a great range but isn’t a weapon many players prefer. A player would be better off picking up a pistol to defend themselves.

This is our definitive tier list of the best weapons in Fortnite. Don’t agree with us? Let us know what you think the best (or worst) weapons in Fortnite are in the comments below! Or tag us in a tweet @FortniteINTEL.

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