Best Smoke Spots Dust 2: Essential nades to give you an edge on the map

Dust 2 is one of the most recognised video game maps in the first shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When players get into a competitive queue in the game, there is a high possibility that they end up playing on Dust 2.

The map also features a very simple layout, making it beginner-friendly. This is one of the reasons that a number of users begin their CS journey on this map. However, players should also be aware of the best smoke sites in Dust 2 as it helps you control the enemy team. So, for those of you who are looking to effectively get across the map without getting attacked by the enemies, you should know where to throw smokes to blind their vision through AWPers across the entire map.

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Best Smoke spots Dust 2

Xbox Smoke

Almost every player is driven to smoke the Xbox. One of the biggest reasons is that it always has an annoying AWP in CT-middle that stops players from going short. You simply need to cover the upper part of the box to block AWP’s view. It will also block the bottom tunnels.

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B Door Smoke

You need to throw this smoke and go for a B split. Alternatively, you can also throw a flash to make things a bit easier. Doing this will flash anyone who is taking cover behind the doors.

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Long Corner Smoke

The reason you need to smoke this location is that it essentially forces CT to go wide to spot double doors on long. This ensures that even if he somehow manages to secure the first frag, the one that follows can potentially take them through the smoke when they attempt to pull back. In case there is no smoke at the spot, it will only make it easier for CT frag and use the wall as a cover.

CT Spawn

Just when you think that you can plant the A-site, you end up getting fragged by the AWP while trying to cross to site. That’s when you realise that you should have actually smoked CT spawn before making the move.

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