Best item in Fortnite Season 6?

Move over Chickens, there’s a new way to get around the Island! The Grappler Bow has become an instant fan favorite.

As of late, Epic Games have been remarkably consistent at pushing out regular Fortnite updates, keeping the experience fresh every time you log on. But it doesn’t stop there, for the last few weeks, they have even been treating us to some bonus content between patches.

Having first been teased in the Season 6 Battle Pass Trailer, the Exotic Grappler Bow is now available in-game, as of Tuesday April 20. To get your hands on this exciting new piece of kit, pay 500 Gold Bars to the Lara Croft NPC at Stealthy Stronghold.

As well as dealing a solid 89 damage to enemies, mobility is of course where the bow really shines. With a max range of 50 meters, you can cover significant distances at speed, and while it may not have infinite uses, it’s always easy to find more arrows.

The biggest reason that fans are loving the Grappler Bow though, is that you take no fall damage when grappling. This means endless opportunities for trick-shotting, sky basing (you can shoot at the ground as you fall to avoid getting hurt), and all kinds of other fun strategies.

Australian YouTube star Lachlan certainly seemed impressed. “We haven’t had anything like this bow since that Marvel one in the second Avengers collab. Obviously it was sick in that game mode, but ya know, it wasn’t this sick” he told viewers in a recent video.

If you play competitively and think this new item sounds a bit too powerful, there’s no need to panic. Popular Fortnite leaker @HYPEX has already confirmed that the Grappler Bow will not be included in Arena or Tournament playlists.

With recent changes to Creative mode and the addition of Vehicle Mods, it finally feels like we are moving back towards the frequent update schedule that originally made Fortnite such a hit. Patch v16.30 is expected to arrive next week, so keep your eyes peeled for yet more awesome content.

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