Battlefield 6 Leaker Teases Multiplayer Map With New Image

A well known leaker of info for Battlefield 6 has uploaded a sketch of a map for the upcoming game that features potentially deadly weather.

Battlefield 6 is the next upcoming title in the much beloved Battlefield series. As of this article, relatively little official info is known about the game, with some of the few details conveyed (maybe) by a cryptic tweet.

That said, a fair bit of unofficial info leaking for Battlefield 6 has provided players with more to sink their teeth into. Some of this info has pointed to the reintroduction of popular mechanics with updates for more powerful systems. This includes destructible environments and changing maps, and some new information from a popular leaker seems to indicate the map will feed into at least one of these, possibly both.

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Tom Henderson, a well known Battlefield 6 leaker, revealed a sketch of a map that, according to the tweet that revealed the map, is indeed for the upcoming game. The map is zoomed out to the extreme, showing the view players might see when selecting a spawn point. It seems to support the rumor that Battlefield 6 could have a massive player count and shows off a new gameplay feature. That feature takes the form of what, according to Tom Henderson, is a massive storm front rolling in from one edge of the map.

According to Tom Henderson the storm is not a Fortnite style encroaching death zone, despite Battlefield 6 being rumored to have a battle royale mode. Apparently, it’s a real storm, something like a hurricane or tornado. This matches up with an earlier leak from Henderson that suggests Battlefield 6 could have massive storms that destroy environments. Destructible environments are already rumored to make a return in spectacular fashion, and having storms that destroy the map could show this off very well. It is unclear exactly what environment is there to be destroyed, but presumably it’s enough to show off the storm’s potential.

Exact geographical info about the map are not very clear, although it seems to be divided into three sections. One of these may be water, but which one cannot yet be determined. This would be in line with another Tom Henderson leak saying at least one map is a desert island.

Furthermore, a series of rockets seem to be aimed directly towards the sky, though whether these are bombs or space rockets is unclear. Hopefully both these and environmental destruction are important elements instead of just gimmicks. Either way, with this many leaks, presumably official information will come soon.

Battlefield 6 is in development for unspecified platforms.

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