Battle Pass, News, Leaks, Rumors and More News About Season 15

The latest season in Fortnite’s saga was set to release at the end of the month.

With the current season being stale for some players now, we are ready to jump into the new season.

New skins are bound to be released next season, so what can we expect next time around!

Let’s take a closer look!

Level 100 skin?

Ghost 1

The final skin in every season’s battle pass is typically the best skin to come from every season.

Over the past, Epic Games has released some of the best skins of all time as the tier 100 skin.

Classics such as John Wick and Omega are some of the most recognizable skins Fornite has ever seen.

Rewarding the player for grinding all season long to reach the end of the battle pass.

As of now, we have no indication of what kind of tier 100 skin we are going to get yet.

However, if they are anything like past seasons, we are in for a wicked skin!

Seasonal Skins?

Seasonal skins have always been a massive part of Fortnite‘s item shop since the release of the game.

Here Are All Fortnite's Awesome New Leaked Christmas Skins

With the upcoming season aligning with the holiday season, we can expect a flurry of Christmas themed skins!

What Else?

Epic Games recently added a new skin into their Icon Series, with the release of Lachlan’s skin.

Perhaps, Nick Eh 30 or SypherPK are next to get skins?

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