Batman/Fortnite Comic One-Shot Revealed By DC, New Costume Teased

Batman and Fortnite’s comic crossover will continue in a brand new one-shot co-written by legendary Batman writer Scott Snyder!

Warning Batman/Fortnite One-Shot spoilers below.

Batman and Fortnite’s crossover event is continuing in a big way. On Friday, DC Comics and Epic Games revealed a brand-new one-shot between the Batman and Fortnite universe that will take place in Gotham City. The issue will follow up on the surprise ending of the recent Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point crossover, which revealed Lex Luthor, Doctor Sloane, and Deathstroke successfully linked the two universes.

This month, Batman and Fortnite’s six-issue crossover series ended with the reveal that Luthor worked with Doctor Sloane to set up an anchor on Fortnite Island. After Batman and Catwoman managed to escape Fortnite Island and its continual cycle of fighting, death, and rebirth, the comic revealed Deathstroke was the only DC character on the island who didn’t have his memory wiped and was sent there for a reason. Slade Wilson successfully tethered the two universes together using the Zero Point – as Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #6 suggested the inhabitants of Fortnite Island about to be unleashed in Gotham City.

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DC Comic’s upcoming 48-page Batman/Fortnite One-Shot will be by Scott Snyder, Christos Gage, Donald Mustard, Joshua Hixon. While details remain scarce (including no officially revealed cover), the solicit does reveal the action from Fortnite Island will be coming to Gotham City, while the Batman/Fortnite saga is teased as getting even bigger than ever. The issue will feature a cover from legendary Batman artists Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion. The one-shot also features an open order variant from Alex Garner and a 1:25 variant from Mustard.

Fortnite Batman

Perhaps, most exciting for fans of the Fortnite video game is the comic will come with a new bonus digital code that can be used for an in-game cosmetic item. While no details have been revealed about which skin is coming to the game – as numerous items were included in the previous series – it would make a lot of sense to see the Batman Who Laughs get his own. After all, he was the surprise villain who helped orchestrate Luthor and Sloane’s plans. Considering Snyder and Capullo are involved and helped create the evil Bruce Wayne, it would make sense to see the popular villain join the in-game Fortnite world.

Batman/Fortnite One-Shot is set to be another exciting chapter in the unexpectedly solid crossover from Epic Games and DC Comics. Can Gotham handle a Fortnite and invasion? And will the comic lead to an in-game event? Time will tell. For readers who would like to pick up the issue, Batman/Fortnite One-Shot goes on sale on October, 26.

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