Artist Cory Smith Joins ‘Captain Marvel’ As Carol Danvers Enters as the Accuser

Marvel’s intergalactic comic event EMPYRE is nearly underway, but we can offer a glimpse into what’s coming for just one of the Marvel heroes heading into battle! CAPTAIN MARVEL #18, which goes on sale Wednesday, July 29, sees Carol Danvers wielding the hammer of the Accuser and taking on a new role. In this issue written by Kelly Thompson, artist Cory Smith comes aboard to move Carol’s next chapter higher, farther, and faster! asked Smith about how he approached this new arc for Captain Marvel:

Carol Danvers is entering a new role as the Accuser — and you’re entering a new role as her artist! What has this experience been like for you?

Challenging but fun! It’s always daunting to take over as artist on an established title, especially one where the creative team has been firing on all cylinders like this. I just try not to drop the baton, or the Accuser’s hammer, when it’s passed to me.

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