Are Xbox And Nintendo Next?

Well it went from leak to confirmed in a matter of minutes: Kratos is coming to Fortnite.

As part of the new “great hunters” theme of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, we have our second licensed badass joining the game alongside The Mandalorian, who is the poster boy for the season so far alongside a bunch of original Epic creations. That would be Kratos of the God of War franchise, which I believe marks the first time a console specific licensed hero is making its way into the game.

The leak was from an ad that briefly went up on the PlayStation store in a few countries, and while at the time of this writing it’s been taken down, Kratos was all but confirmed almost immediately after by a new audio log posted by the official @PlayStation account itself:

The most obvious questions here are:

1) Is this a PlayStation exclusive skin? As in, do you have to download the game on PlayStation in order to get it?

2) Is it free for PlayStation owners or being sold in the store?

3) Is it actually the season’s secret skin, as we have not seen what that might be yet?

I have a fourth thought too, that since Fortnite is all about unity and togetherness and connecting all these different IPs from different worlds, I do wonder if we might see an Xbox and Nintendo “hunter” coming later this season.

Fortnite does not seem to have an exclusive marketing deal with anyone. Just the other day I was writing up a Cyber Monday deal that was a Fortnite-themed Switch. And obviously Epic Games and Microsoft have extremely close ties.

So, my theories for possible options for Xbox and Nintendo hunters joining would be:

Xbox: Master Chief (duh), Marcus Fenix (an Epic original, back in the eday)

Nintendo: Samus Aran. That’s it, just Samus. She’s a damn intergalactic bounty hunter, who else would it be?

Alright maybe I am getting ahead of myself and this is a PlayStation only thing and Microsoft and Nintendo aren’t coming. But I know Epic and what they’re trying to do here with Fortnite and the Metaverse, and the “hunter” theme just seems a little too perfect for some of these characters.

We will see if more of these roll out right now, later on or not at all. For now, we don’t know what the details are for Kratos yet, but I will update this article once we figure it out.

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