Apex Legends Season 8 Early Patch Notes REVEALED

It’s time to get hyped for Apex Legends Season 8!

EA have given gamers an indepth look at whats to come, inlcuding a new legend, map changes, new weapons and much more!

Here is everything that you need to know!

Welcome to Mayhem!

It’s time to bring the boom, Mayhem is just around the corner!

But what exactly can we expect to see in the eighth instalment of the hit battle royale title?

New Legends

We’ve had our first new legend confirmed, and he goes by the name of Fuse.

FUSE! He'll take some stopping!
FUSE! He’ll take some stopping!

Described as a “blow-up-first ask-questions-later kinda guy”, Fuse is sure to be a hit with those who like to get stuck into the action.

He’s also known to lack a plan, sounds about right in the caranage that ensues in the Apex universe!

New Weapons

It’s not just new characters heading to Season 8, there will also be a plethora of new weapons.

We’ve had one confirmed so far, Salvo’s most popular weapon, the 30-30 Repeater

30-30 REPEATER! The lever-action rifle packs a punch!
30-30 REPEATER! The lever-action rifle packs a punch!

The new lever-action rifle will be able to do damage from mid-to-long range thanks to it’s hard hitting rounds.

Mayhem Battle Pass

As always there will be a new Battle Pass to accompany the inbound Season 8.

EA are remaining coy on exactly what will feature in the Mayhem Battle Pass, but we do know that there will be over 100 items including Legendary skins, Apex packs, Holo-Sprays & more!

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