Apex Legends season 6 updates: Who is Ash in Apex Legends? Know details

Apex Legends’ season 5 quest, Broken Ghost, is finally over and Respawn’s last PvE missions of the season started with a bang and ended by revealing the Titanfall 2 boss, Ash. According to several reports and many players, Ash is not expected to be a playable character. However, it is greatly believed by many players that she could have a substantial presence on the game in the Apex Legends season 6. Many players are wondering who is Ash in Apex Legends, what is “Ash abilities?” and more. If you are wondering the same, do not worry, we have got you covered.

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Who is Ash in Apex Legends?

In the upcoming season i.e. Apex Legends Season 6, Ash is going to be a significant character. As of now, players are expecting two new things in the new season; first, a new map called Olympus (Lifeline and Octane’s home), and Ash Titanfall 2. Ash, the Apex Legends new character is an antagonist who was first a pilot and later put on a robot body, becoming a Simulacrum like Revenant. After joining Kuben Blisk and the Apex Predators, Ash became one of his lieutenants and started running an IMC battalion on Typhon. She is strong and it is clear as she has no empathy towards others, however, she has a sense of honour. The Apex Legends new character is said to be cold, calculative, and likes to play with her targets. 

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Ash abilities in Apex Legends

Ash is mysterious and many speculations and predictions have flooded the internet about her abilities, class and strength. However, the recent prediction from a leading game portal says that the new Apec character may belong to the Assault or the Support class similar to Revenant and Loba. However, it also mentioned that Ash may have abilities similar to Valk’s, a character which was leaked not so long ago. 

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Ash abilities are predicted to be similar to Valk which may include a passive jetpack, a tactical cluster missile, which fires rockets that explode multiple times; and an ultimate called Skyward, which relaunches Valk/Ash and Allies who combine into the sky and redeploy their skydive. The prediction of these abilities seems very promising due to Ash’s history of being a Pilot. 

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