Apex Legends Reveals New Season 9 Emotes

Apex Legends playtesters reveal details for Season 9: Legacy, such as unique standing character emotes, ahead of its May 4th release.

Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends back in 2019, but the popular battle royale will finally be getting standing third-person character emotes with the release of Season 9.

Fortnite fans have been expressing themselves with standing third-person emotes for a while now, but Apex Legends fans have been left in the dust with the same kind of fun until the upcoming May 4th release of Apex Legends Season 9.

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Playtesters of Apex Legends are teasing fans of the Respawn Entertainment battle royale with clips of each legends’ emote circulating through Twitter ahead of Season 9’s release. Each legend is receiving one free emote, with two additional emotes available for Apex Legends fans to obtain through Apex Packs or Crafting Materials. Among the playtesters teasing Season 9’s emotes on Twitter is a writer at Dot Esports known as Pedro Peres, who has conveniently compiled a thread of all of the free emotes. Valkyrie is joining the Apex Legends battle with Season 9, but she joins the roster with unique emotes, one of which has already been shown off during the Season’s reveal trailer.

The release of Season 9: Legacy will bring tons of new emotes to Apex Legends including Bangalore’s No Sweat, Bloodhound’s tracking, Caustic’s Design Flaw, Crypto’s Fistbump, Fuse’s Crowd Pleaser, Gibraltar’s Thumbs Up, Horizon’s Inspiration, Lifeline’s Jamin’, Loba’s Crushed It, Mirage’s Smooth Moves, Octane’s Nervous Energy, Pathfinder’s Uppercut, and Wattson’s Easter Egg. Skydive Emotes and Finishers have been part of Apex Legends for a while, but these standing third-person character emotes are fresh additions to the battle royale with Season 9. Each legend is also getting a Legendary emote that takes self-expression to a new level, such as Octane’s Human Spring, Bangalore’s Charge, and Wraith’s Acrobat.

While Apex Legends fans will all have access to the base emote for each legend, the additional emotes will be found randomly in Apex Packs or collected through Crafting Materials. Each emote is fittingly named and the plethora of additions with Season 9: Legacy will give Apex Legends fans more excuses to open their Apex Legends packs.

The free Apex Legends emotes aren’t quite as emotive as the legendary emotes, perpetuating the idea that paid and rarer cosmetics are superior to the freebies. In addition to these emotes, Arena Mode is joining Apex Legends Season 9 alongside a new legend and infested Olympus map. Apex Legends fans will be able to start unlocking these new Apex Legends Season 9 emotes on May 4th after updates, but it will take a while for players to collect each of the emotes for every legend.

Apex Legends is available right now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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