Apex legends patch notes: Lost Treasure event to include potential Lifeline buff

Respawn Entertainment has introduced numerous limited time events in Apex Legends in the past that offer a range of exciting event challenges. These events allow players to earn cosmetics and a mix of event-specific and base game cosmetics which are available for direct purchase. These events are popular for their inclusion of town takeover and a few changes to the map, along with certain extensions to Apex Legends lore. During the recently held EA Play 2020, Respawn released a new trailer for its upcoming limited-time event in Apex Legends. The event will finally kick off next week and has been titled ‘Lost Treasures’.

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Apex Legends Lost Treasure event

The Lost Treasure event will be based around Crypto, a legend that was introduced to the free-to-play battle royale during the Season 3: Meltdown. He has also taken over a certain part of the King’s Canyon map and has a new point of interest called the Crypto’s map room.

Similar to most of the town takeovers we have seen in the past, the latest landmark will incorporate certain aspects of a legend’s tactical, passive, or ultimate ability. Players will be able to ping a holographic map that will provide all the details on the team members in their immediate vicinity and will also give away the current location of all teams that are present on the Kings Canyon. It’s essentially Crypto’s passive ability, however, that will be amplified throughout the map. In addition, Lifeline will be getting a massive buff, although it is not clear if it will be a Passive Ability or a new ability altogether.

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Apart from the gameplay, the upcoming event will also include a new line of event cosmetics. Just like previous events, there will also be 24 new skins which can be collected over the course of the event. Players who collect all the skins will also get a new set of Mirage Heirloom. Developers are also introducing a new page called ‘Special Offers’. The page can be used by gamers to purchase all kinds of limited-time cosmetics in the game.

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Apex Legends patch notes

Lost Treasures is set to begin on June 23, across all platforms. This means that we will have to wait for another week until the official patch notes are finally released with the next Apex Legends update. Developers generally use these limited-time events to implement important fixes and balancing changes as well.

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