Apex Legends Might Add Arena Mode, According to Leak

New assets for Apex Legends have been discovered by dataminers strongly implying that an arena style deathmatch mode could be coming soon.

Similar to most Battle Royal style games like Call of Duty: Warzone or Fortnite, Respawn Entertainment’s popular Apex Legends has continued to spice up the experience for its fans through various updates. New maps, characters, loot, and especially Limited Time Modes and events have consistently come and gone to provide something new for longtime players. With Season 9, Kings Canyon experienced more than a few changes thanks in large part to the most recent character addition, Fuse.

The Chaos Theory event is currently ongoing in Apex Legends and it brought with it a special Limited Time Mode called Ring Fury. While the basic Apex Legends rules still apply, players must avoid ring flares which randomly appear and damage any who are caught inside. The mode is constantly evolving with new rules such as the current Level 2 which adds one massive ring flare into the arena. However, it appears that mode special modes may be on the way if a new leak is any indication.

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For those who may be craving something a little different than the typical battle royale style gameplay, Respawn may be working on expanding Apex Legends beyond its traditional roots. The first leaks for alternative modes started surfacing last year, pointing to a potential 3v3 mode thanks to a UI addition on the Play menu for something called Arena. While that has yet to come to fruition, Apex Legends dataminer Biast12 has found even new information inside of the game files lending more evidence to an Arena deathmatch mode.

The reliable dataminer has found all sorts of assets including a flyover section for the small arenas without textures. Badges can also be earned for taking part in this mode with one called Impress Me featuring the face of Ash, a character from Titanfall 2 and most recently, an involved storyline for Apex Legends. Screen assists were also uncovered, depicting the familiar Apex Legends symbol on a greenish-blue background.

As exciting as these discoveries may be, nothing is confirmed and if previous leaks are any indication, there’s no telling when something like this could arrive. However, Respawn have previously teased that players should expect the unexpected in Season 9, so anything is possible at this point. It’s also possible that these discoveries could be related to another leaked event known as War Games, where Fuse’s longtime rival Mad Maggie makes her return. It’s also possible that these two discoveries are unrelated and that War Games will be structured to other recent events like Chaos Theory.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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