Apex Legends Leak Reveals Fight Night Event Skins

The trailer for Apex Legends’ next Town Takeover location leaks, revealing a new Fight Night event along with limited-time character skins.

Much like other popular battle royale titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends is no stranger to having its content leaked in advance. Recently, Apex Legends’ Holo-Day event skins leaked ahead of time, basically confirming that the event would be happening again this year.

Now, Apex Legends has seen yet another content leak, this time focusing on the next Town Takeover event theme and character. Thanks to a leaked trailer, fans now know that Apex Legends’ next Town Takeover event is centered around Pathfinder and a Fight Night theme, and will have brand new event skins for different legends.

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Apex Legends fairly regularly receives new Town Takeover events with each passing season. For example, Season 4’s event focused on Bloodhound which also leaked ahead of time back in March of this year. Now, this next Town Takeover’s central character is Pathfinder, everyone’s favorite loveable robot scout. The event seems to focus around the theme of a “Fight Night,” with a large, boxing ring popping up somewhere on one of Apex Legends’ maps. The leaked trailer, which comes by way of SomeoneWhoLeaks on Twitter, shows a brief glimpse of the event.

It’s seems an isolated boxing ring and stadium will pop up somewhere on Apex Legends’ newest map, Olympus. The boxing ring looks to have some kind of force field surrounding it, possibly hinting that once players enter the vicinity they will only be able to use melee attacks. It would certainly make sense with the Fight Night event theme, though this is still just speculation. The leaked trailer also gives brief looks at a brand new themed skin for Pathfinder, as well as skins for Bloodhound, Crypto, and more.

The new skin for Apex Legends’ hero Pathfinder looks to be an old-fashioned yellow suit, complete with a matching trilby hat and a red tie. The skin certainly look stylish on Pathfinder, giving the cheerful robot just that much more personality. Bloodhound also looks to have an intricate new skin, featuring glossy, angular features in a deep shade of magenta. Unfortunately, the leaked trailer is only about 17 seconds long, so there isn’t too much concrete information that fans can glean from it. There is also no release date leaked in the trailer, as the trailer simply caps itself off with a “Play Free Now” message, which fans know is not actually the case at the moment.

Still, the Town Takeover event will likely come sometime soon, as this Town Takeover event is the first of Season 7. Though Apex Legends Season 7 launched with a lot of interesting new content for players to explore, it seems that player engagement is down overall from Season 6. Respawn Entertainment still has plenty of time to turn things around with Season 7, though. With any luck, this next Town Takeover event with Pathfinder will bring some fresh new content to get players coming back to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with a Switch version also in development.

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