Apex Legends is killing it with new content, and shows no sign of slowing down

We’ve been dropping into Kings Canyon for just over two years, and in that time we’ve seen parts of it blown to smithereens, met a host of new characters, and tried our luck on the competitive landscapes of World’s Edge and Olympus. Respawn has delivered a fresh battle pass every three months, and kept us on our toes by introducing new weapons and limited time modes here and there. Even so, Season 8 has been especially busy so far, and we’re only a month in.

Mayhem launched on February 2, ushering in explosives enthusiast Fuse, the 30-30 Repeater rifle, and level four magazines. While map adjustments, a new legend and weapon are almost expected when a new season begins, the introduction of golden magazines felt like a big deal at the beginning of February. If anything, these new attachments may have even spoilt us a little, helping to highlight why Apex needs to thin out its loot pool and ditch level one attachments forever.

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

While the 30-30 Repeater hasn’t exactly blown us away, and Fuse hasn’t managed to strongarm his way into the Ranked meta just yet, Mayhem’s opening week gave us some time to experiment with the new additions, and get into scraps in Kings Canyon’s expanded northern region. But that wasn’t all that Respawn had in store for February. Just a week later, Apex celebrated its second birthday, and subsequently launched its Anniversary Collection Event, which added a limited-time rewards track for us to work through. Considering that our standard daily and weekly challenges award stars that slowly chip away at the battle pass, it felt rewarding to have additional quests on the go that immediately granted some cosmetic treats.

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