Among Us Is Coming To The Epic Games Store According To Leak

Among Us will be available on the Epic Games Store according to leaked images which could mean the long-awaited account system is coming soon.

Platform availability can be crucial for a game to succeed in the long run which is why leaked images show that Among Us will be making its way to the Epic Games store along with its cosmetic DLC packs. Among Us has also been working on implementing player accounts, and Epic Games has been known for how smoothly it is able to integrate these types of systems.

When Rocket League migrated from Steam to the Epic Games Store, it advertised its new player account system and cross-progression with other platforms. This means that, regardless of the player’s choice of platform, players will maintain their collection of cosmetics, season level, and competitive ranking. This is also the case for Epic Game’s most successful title, Fortnite. With an Epic Games account, gamers are able to share their progression and purchases regardless of the platform making Epic Games one of the best-acclimated platforms for games that utilize player accounts.

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According to leaked images from iFireMonkey on Twitter, Among Us will be making its way onto the Epic Games store. Currently, PC players are able to download Among Us from Steam or from the creator’s page on The leaked images also show that players will be able to purchase all of the current cosmetic DLC packs, or they can purchase a bundle called the Among Us All-In-One Pack which could include all of the cosmetic packs at a discounted price.

However, the question remains as to whether Among Us on the Epic Games Store is a move for availability or accessibility. Over the past couple of months, the InnerSloth devs have acknowledged the need for player accounts. A proper account system would improve Among Us’ quality of life while also making the game a safer place for all players. Yet, InnerSloth has also expressed the difficulties in independently developing an account-based system for the game’s outdated engine. Epic Games could prove to be a great help for developing this kind of system.

Regardless of the ‘why’ behind it, Among Us will seemingly be coming to the Epic Games Store sometime in the near future. Among Us is already branching out and making itself available on consoles, and has allowed crossplay from the very beginning. The next big step the game needs is to implement a proper account system that works on every platform. Luckily, Epic Games knows a thing or two about cross-platform accounts.

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Source: iFireMonkey

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