All the new stuff coming to Fortnite in v15.30 plus a new game mode

Fortnite has recently rolled out the latest patch v15.30 and released the patch notes. There’s a ton of new stuff and new player experiences coming. Read further ahead to find out the updates and read the Fortnite Patch notes 

Fortnite Update 

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Fortnite is one of the most popular online multiplayer games out there today. One of the reasons it has remained on top game charts for years on end is their commitment to providing regular updates and bug fixes. Fortnite also introduces additional content, tournaments, skins and seasonal challenges to keep things fresh for their players, more than any other game out there today .Fortnite Season 5 has brought a lot of content and regular updates for its’ player base. They’ve just announced the latest patch on their blog with new updates. The patch has been implemented into the game since 2nd February 2021. Let’s take a look at all the new things coming to Fortnite with this update. 

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There are three new weapons introduced this patch- Burst Quad Launcher, Frozen and Chug Cannon and they reportedly do a lot of damage.These weapons are new exotics in Fortnite, after a long time. The Mandalorian is getting its’ own limited time game mode. There are no Mandalorian cosmetics sadly.

The Fortnite blog has the following description about the Mandalorian game mode, “The best hunter in the galaxy wants to prove himself—against you. Challenge other players to see who can score credits the fastest. When the Mandalorian enters the match, he will hunt down the player with the most credits. You can get to the top but can you stay there?”.  Also take a look at all the bug fixes from the official patch notes. 

Fortnite Patch Notes 

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General Bug Fixes

  • Difficulty editing Banner with a controller.
  • Long loading screen after completing a session on PlayStation/Xbox.
  • The Child Back Bling blocking vision when players aim down sights.
  • Jumpshot Outfit missing its facial hair.
  • Sound effect audio delay.

Battle Royale Bug Fixes

  • Matchmaking doesn’t start if an unreadied player leaves early.
  • Receiving damage mid-air when falling inside a car.
  • OG Bear vehicle temporarily booted.
  • Zero Point healing effect temporarily disabled.
  • Game freezing when going to the Compete tab on PlayStation/Xbox.

Creative Mode Bug Fixes

  • Prop holograms become invisible in certain situations for Xbox Creators.
  • “Devices” and “Prefabs” tabs swapped when viewing the Creative Inventory.

Save the World Bug Fixes

  • Locating a Durrr Burger not counting towards the “Locating: Burger Break!” Ventures quest.
  • Eliminating Takers not counting towards the “Eliminate: They Came from the Mist” Ventures quest.

Mobile Bug Fixes 

  • Motion Axis setting stuck on “Roll” on Nintendo Switch.
  • RT/LT Triggers on Xbox Elite controller on Android.

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