All the changes added to the game with this latest patch update

The Fortnite Season 6 update was recently launched and it has added many changes to the game. New missions, skins, cosmetics and emotes were introduced into the game. However, with any major update, there comes a lot bugs and glitches. The developers have now released the Fortnite 3.10 patch to fix the glitches in the new Season 6 update. Read on to know the Fortnite 3.10 Patch notes. 

Fortnite 3.10 Patch Notes

  • Missing textures in some galleries in Creative mode.
  • Unable to drop specific stacks of materials or ammo in Creative mode.
  • Please note that you will need to replace props with missing textures already placed in Creative islands.

This new Fortnite update is the first update the game has received since the release of Season 6. The update is now live on all platforms PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The patch will be released for iOS and Android devices in the coming days. It’s a small update but players will have to download the update before they can play these games. 

This update mainly contains but fixes and repairing gliches. Unfortunately, no new content has been added to the game. A lot of bugs in the creative mode of the game have been fixed with this update. The update was announced by Epic Games on Twitter, along with the patch notes to show exactly what changes have been made. 

In their tweet, Epic Games mentioned that they have deployed the update on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox consoles and PS4 and 5. They also added in their tweet that players will be prompted to update before launching the game and that the patch will be made available for the mobile version of the game in a few days. The size of this new Fortnite update is 1.4 GB on PC and PS4. The PS 5 update is however slightly smaller, with a file of 980MB, just under 1GB. 

Fortnite Weekly Epic and Legendary Challenges

Fortnite comes up with weekly challenges for players to complete. Completing these challenges successfully unlocks new content in the game and rewards players with V-bucks. Players can use these V-bucks to buy in-game items. Here are the Epic and Legendary Challenges for this week. 

  • Hunt Wildlife
  • Craft Primal weapons using bones and makeshift weapons
  • Craft a hunter’s cloak
  • Talk to characters
  • Collect mechanical parts from vehicles, trailers, buses, or tractors
  • Craft mechanical weapons using mechanical parts and a makeshift weapon
  • Find golden artifacts near The Spire
  • Craft Items

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