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Epic Games’ Fortnite is one of the major online multiplayer games around the world with several incredible weapons, characters and skins. The game’s season 5 brings extra challenges called XP Xtravaganza and since then things have gotten quite interesting. While players are enjoying the incredible challenges, missions and tasks with the spice of new character skins, Epic never fails to provide something new to look forward to. This is the reason why many players are wondering about all 5 coloured bridges in Fortnite. If you have been wondering about the same, then do not worry, here is everything you need to know.

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Quick and easy color bridges location

  • D3 – Red Steel Bridge
  • F7 – Yellow Steel Bridge
  • F4 – Green Steel Bridge
  • E2 – Blue Steel Bridge
  • C6 – Purple Steel Bridge

Image ~ Fortnite Insider

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All 5 coloured bridges in Fortnite

Colored Bridge 1: The first colored bridge in Fortnite Season 5 Extravaganza Challenges is located between Misty Meadows and Lazy Lake. The steel bridge is orange in color.

Colored Bridge 2: The second colored bridge is located southeast of Stark Industries. This steel bridge in the game comes in light green color.

Colored Bridge 3: The third bridge is a partial bridge east of Doom’s Domain. The third steel bridge located in the east of Doom’s Domain has a bluish tint and can be found near the raised up wall of the Stark area.

Colored Bridge 4: The fourth colored bridge is located between Salty Springs and Doom’s Domain. It is quite similar to the first bridge as it is in burnt orange color

Colored Bridge 5: The final coloured bridge on the Season 4 map is situated between Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp. This bridge comes in a light purple colouring.

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Apart from this, players are also intrigued by the newest feature in the game called the Houseparty Video Chat which is going to be one of the major features coming to the game. However, the developers had to roll out a small patch to support the feature on PC and console platforms. And now, ‘Fortnite’ is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android.

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