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Ever since the aliens landed and blew up the Spire, Fortnite Season 7 NPC locations have changed. Gone are many of the familiar faces from the previous season. Whether they were removed by Epic Games or abducted by aliens, no one knows for sure.

However, with the alien invasion raging on and the resistance keeping the fight alive, new characters have been added to the map. With it, brand new Fortnite Season 7 NPC locations have come up as well.

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Given how the new season is still in its infancy, there are currently only a handful of NPCs on the island.. There’s no doubt that more will be added as the season progresses, which is certain because Fortnite Season 6 had close to 50 NPCs when it ended.

Amongst the new NCPs in Fortnite Season 7, two stand out at the moment. Rick Sanchez, from the Rick and Morty universe, and Doctor Slone, a higher up in the Imagined Order and perhaps Agent Jonesy’s supervisor.

Despite Agent Jonsey still missing, the location of all other NPCs is well known. So, here is the list of current NPCs in-game, where to find them, and what they sell without further ado.

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Where to find every NPC in Fortnite Season 7

  1. Abstrakt – Retail row – Sells prop disguise
  2. Guggimon – Lockie’s Lighthouse
  3. Sunny – Believer Beach
  4. Bunker Jonesy – Lumber Lodge – Sells rift
  5. Bushranger – The Aftermath – Sells prop disguise
  6. Dreamflower – Flopper Pond
  7. Joey – Dirty Docks – Sells prop disguise
  8. Hayseed – Steel Farm – Sells prop disguise
  9. Marigold – Lazy Lake
  10. Maven – Dinky Dish
  11. Rick Sanchez – Defiant Dish – Sells rift
  12. Riot – Yellow Steel Bridge
  13. Rook – Dockside Dish
  14. Special Forces – **Redacted** – Can be here – Can be dueled
  15. Swamp Stalker – Dampy Dish
  16. Doctor Slone – Corny Complex
  17. Alien Trooper – Coral Castle (Glitched)

Note: NPC locations will be updated over the course of Fortnite Season 7

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