All known CB Radios in Season 7

A recent quest has sent Fortnite players on a mission to interact with a CB Radio after talking to a payphone, but finding one can be tricky. The Legendary Quest in the fifth week of Season 7 continues the chain of the alien story and subtly reveals some of the lore behind it.

The Legendary Quests and most others are a quick way to gain massive amounts of experience points to level up and obtain Battle Stars. Here’s a short guide and location for one of the steps of the Week 5 quest that requires players to travel to different places.

Fortnite CB Radio spots to complete the Legendary Quest

Once gamers have completed the first leg of the quest by receiving orders from Fortnite’s Dr. Slone via one of the payphones on the map, they need to head to Believer Beach.

There are five different spots where players can find CB Radios, all scattered across the beachy-named location in various settings.

Fortnite’s Week 5 Legendary Quests are ongoing (Image via Epic Games)

The first Radio sits on the dock of Fortnite’s Believer Beach right above the shoreline. On the map, it’s on the left side of the pier near a pink-roofed building. The second lies on the far right side of the area on the beach below the pool.

After that, the next available CB Radio is in the parking lot on the left side, where the concert was for the Alien Welcome party. It’s near a blue-roofed structure atop the painted hexagon on the map seen above.

Next, loopers can head south to find the fourth CB Radio near the row of vehicles on the lower left side of Believer Beach. It should be sitting on a table on the sidewalk, ready to be interacted with.

Finally, the fifth CB Radio should lie on the left side of Believer Beach, where the road enters next to a lone tree.

All it takes is a simple trip to any of these locations to complete the Fortnite Legendary Quest for Week 5 to rake in the experience.

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