All Alien Artifact Locations Week 5

alien artifact locations week 5 fortnite

Each week there will be new Alien Artifacts to collect in Fortnite. This new type of resource is used to customize the Kymera skin. In order to unlock all available styles for the Kymera skin, you need to collect a total of 360 Alien Artifacts. Each Purple Alien Artifact you can find on the map contains four Alien Artifacts. This means that you’ll have to get as many as you before the season ends and it might get tricky if you don’t get all of them weekly.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Our guide will point you in the direction of the five Alien Artifacts out there this week. And, if you want to learn more about how Alien Artifacts work and how to earn more of them, check out our other guide on the subject.

Where To Find The Artifacts In Week Five

alien artifact week 5 locations fortnite

The artifacts are pretty well scattered throughout the map this week. This means that you’ll either have to move around a lot during the same match or simply play a few different matches and land near these places. Either way, once you see the artifact just walk through it to get it, you don’t need to actually interact with it.

Week Five Alien Artifact #1

Starting at the top of the map, the first Alien Artifact is not too far away from Craggy Cliffs.

It’s located southeast of Craggy Cliffs, underneath a tree that’s next to an abandoned campground with a campfire in the middle.

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Week Five Alien Artifact #2

There’s another Alien Artifact in Pleasant Park. This one of the busiest POIs in the game so try to get some weapons on you before getting the Artifact otherwise you might be eliminated before you even get the chance to go near it.

The artifact is in the middle of the gazebo, just look up once your there and build a ramp to reach it. Or you can also get on top of the roof, destroy it and jump down.

Week Five Alien Artifact #3

Your next stop will be Believer Beach, which thankfully isn’t that far away from the second Alien Artifact location. This Artifact, however, is somewhat trickier to find because Believer Beach has quite a lot of buildings with odd roofs. This map shows you which building you’ll need to find.

believer beach alien artifact in fortnite
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All you have to do is break the roof to find the Alien Artifact inside.

Week Five Alien Artifact #4

Head to Misty Meadows and drop near the clock tower. The Alien Artifact is right on top of the clock tower, beneath the roof. You can land on top of the tower itself and simply break the roof but is tricky to get this right since the roof is very inclined and you might slip off.

Week Five Alien Artifact #5

The last Artifact, you’ll find it in Retail Row. It is next to the basketball court, right behind the bus stop, near a tall tree. It is quite easy to spot.

Look Out For Cosmic Chests

If you’re not playing solos and you see any Cosmic Chests while walking around the map, don’t forget to complete their quest as it’s a great way to get more Alien Artifacts.

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