All 5 Artifacts and their locations 

Another week has started, and that means another week of Fortnite Alien Artifacts on the battle royale island.

Week 4 is here with a slew of new challenges for Fortnite players to take on and gain XP. Among those challenges is, once again, a new set of Alien Artifacts spread across the map.

The Fortnite Week 4 Alien Artifacts aren’t that hard to find if players know where to look. This guide will help find each one and add them to the artifact collection that grows week by week.

All 5 Fortnite Week 4 Alien Artifacts

Fortnite players will be able to find the Fortnite Week 4 Alien Artifacts in no time. While they have yet to be placed in the game for Week 4, this will give players a head start into locating them.

  • Lazy Lake: The Alien Artifact at Lazy Lake is found in the northern part of this POI. There is a yellow house with a small shed near the back of it. Enter the shed and the Artifact will be right there.
  • Weeping Woods: Weeping Woods has two large log cabins. The smaller of the two cabins is where the Alien Artifact can be found. Go through the main entrance and take a left. There is a large window with the Artifact floating in front of it. Build up and grab it.
  • Holly Hedges: The Fortnite Week 4 Alien Artifact in Holly Hedges is located at the center. The building with all of the shelving units and plants out front is where players need to land. Under one of the middle shelves is the Artifact.
  • Dirty Docks: Land at the northeastern point of Dirty Docks. There is a blue warehouse with two sets of stars leading up to it. Go to the back set of stairs closest to the edge of the map to find the Alien Artifact underneath.
  • Steamy Stacks: The final Fortnite Week 4 Alien Artifact is outside of building 4. Land on top of it, in the center of Steamy Stacks. Look for the blue pipes attached to the building. The pipes make a “U” shape. In that “U” shape sits the Artifact.

For Fortnite players who prefer a visualization of the Alien Artifacts locations, look no further than the YouTube channel “Fortnite Item Shop & Challenges” for the Week 4 locations.

They have put together a stellar video guide that leads players to each Fortnite Week 4 Alien Artifact. Keep picking them up, as the reason for the Aliens coming to the island is closer to being revealed.

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