A List Of ‘Fortnite’ Chapter 2, Season 3 Leaks To Go Through

We are still a month or so away from the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, season 3 after an expected delay that has pushed back the launch of the new season until June. But the season is already starting to be teased, and a number of leaks are starting to make the rounds.

I figured I’d pluck one of these lists and go through them, based on what we know. The sourcing on these leaks is pretty questionable, as very little has been actually datamined yet, which is usually the best indicator of what’s coming. This is citing supposed inside knowledge of the future season, which we have seen in the past, but it’s hard to know where it’s coming from.

For now, here’s the main thrust of the leaks I’m seeing making the rounds, along with my thoughts on them:

The main theme of the season will be water – That is more or less confirmed, given the teaser posters that have been datamined showed floating houses and sharks. It stands to reason a good chunk of the map could end up flooded as the result of some catastrophe.

The center of the map will be a big plaza – We are missing a Tilted Towers style zone in the new map, so I would not be surprised to see maybe Frenzy Farm replaced with something more interesting like a plaza.

There will be blue phone booths where you can change your skin mid-game – We have seen these appear in Party Royale already. Not sure why people would care to do this in the middle of a BR match, but I could see phone booths changing from Agent disguises to this functionality.

There will be minigames in the plaza from skydiving to parkour to boat racing – I assume these could play into challenges that we get every week, but I’d be a little surprised if there was a fixed focal point for all challenges like this.

Sharks will be a new vehicle – With the water theme, I did wonder if we would get some sort of jet-ski type vehicle to join boats. Sharks would be an interesting concept for a vehicle, and they have already appeared on the season 3 posters.

There’s going to be a female Black Knight – Seems like kind of an odd time to introduce this, but okay. Not clear on if this is a battle pass skin or not.

There’s a picture on Midas’s desk of a girl that is a new battle pass skin – There is indeed such a picture there, and it’s not clear if this is Midas’s wife or daughter. He looks too young to have a daughter that old, and I see tattoos. Probably not just a female, gender-flipped version of Midas, however, though maybe we’ll see one of those someday, as we usually do.

There will be a new Meowscles skin where he’s a robot – I would guess this isn’t in the battle pass, but could be a new style or a store skin, if it’s elaborate enough.

There will be a skin that’s a blend of Technique and Dark Voyager – Again, not sure on this one. Fortnite does love to revisit old skins, I suppose, though we’ve had two different versions of Technique and Dark Voyager already.

The secret battle pass skin will be Aquaman – This is a rumor I keep hearing, based on the water theme, where Aquaman will replace Deadpool as the secret skin. Marvel is indeed racking up the score when it comes to characters featured in Fortnite, so maybe it’s time for DC to come back with one of their own to join Batman, Catwoman and Harley Quinn. I will believe this when I see it, however.

Shadow will win the Agency – I mean, duh.

There will be a customizable umbrella – I would not be surprised to see Fortnite play around with customization after Maya this past season.

There will be environmental fire damage – Not sure if I believe this one or not. Also hearing about weather effects, which seems likely someday, but not sure if this soon.

There will be a flaregun – That does…what? Calls down a care package? Lights people on fire?

There will be something involving fireflies – lol

So, those are the main leaks so far. I will say that yes, a flooded map seems likely, but past that, I’m just not sure. More to come.

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