A leak Fortnite reveals a future event to Risky Real

The dataminers have recently discovered in the files of Fortnite is a new event that should take place in Risky Real.

Fortnite has received numerous updates over the course of the second season of chapter 2, and recently, the dataminers have discovered something after the publication of the update of April 8th.

FortTory discovered files directly related to an event that is expected to be launched in the game in the near future.

The event is called “Now Playing”, and according to the description, it will include screenings of the show punk’d : Stars trapped with including Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber and more.

Epic Games

Risky Reels will soon host a special event.

During this year, it was announced that Chance The Rapper would be making a version remastered for this issue on the platform Quibi, but it may well be also broadcast in Fortnite.

The description of this event is the following : “I just want to risk it and relax ? Rendez-vous in Now Playing to watch the screenings schedules of punk’d…

For the moment, the date of this event has not been found in the files of the game but with these different information, we should expect to see soon on the game.

As you know, these information are only based on leaks, so take them with a grain of salt. Epic Games has, for the moment, no news about it.

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