A guide to DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Crafting is one of the best features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The ability to use items to create new items is not a unique feature, though. Games like Minecraft and Fortnite have utilized it to varying extents, and Animal Crossing is no different. It can make a huge difference for Animal Crossing players, though. Crafting can save bells and get rid of unwanted items. If players want to use their items to decorate, that’s great, but the crafted items will always sell for more bells than the individual uncrafted items. Here’s the complete guide to crafting with DIY recipes in New Horizons.

DIY in Animal Crossing

DIY recipes can be acquired in a few ways. Finding message bottles on the shoreline will always have a DIY recipe in them. One message a day will appear on the island, so it does take time with this method.

Message bottle. Image via NeoSeeker
Message bottle. Image via NeoSeeker

Another method is to shoot down floating balloons. This one isn’t guaranteed, but they appear much more frequently so players can keep trying to get DIY recipes. If players walk up to villagers crafting something, they can acquire the DIY recipe for whatever it is they are crafting. This can be a great way to casually get some new DIY recipes. They’re only for things they are working on, though.

Playing amiibo cards, redeeming Nook Miles and even just purchasing DIY recipes from the Nook Stop can get Animal Crossing players more DIY recipes. These will cost players things, so the price may not be worth it.

Amiibo cards. Image via Animal Crossing World
Amiibo cards. Image via Animal Crossing World

If acquiring bells is the game, then selling DIY recipes is one of the best ways of playing. Some DIY recipes sell for so much that it almost makes sense to sell them even if players want to have the item. An Animal Crossing Redditor created a spreadsheet highlighting the best DIY recipes to sell. The highest selling listed here is the golden dung beetle for a whopping 30,000 bells!

Crafted items are usually worth more than the sum of their parts. Also found in that spreadsheet is the cost of items, so players can calculate their net gain in terms of bells. Sometimes the items aren’t totally worth crafting because it can cost a lot to get the items. DIY recipes are one of the best things players can acquire in New Horizons.

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