5 Mind Boggling Theories About Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite is one of those unique games that has a way of making its secrets known. Usually stories with intricate arcs and storylines, dealing with a lot of characters, can get complicated with time. Therefore, it might get difficult to connect one timeline to the other.

However, players and enthusiasts with a keen eye keep a track of these things for us. Season 5 of Fortnite has just started, and there are already a lot of theories about the future. These are mostly speculations, so while some might be true, other might be poppycock.

Let us have a look at some of the best theories that fit the Season 5 storyline.

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Top 5 Theories about Fortnite Season 5

  1. Return of B.R.U.T.E– Remember the overpowered piece of technology that made everyone rage quit in Season 1? Well, it seems like the Brute is going to make a return in Fortnite sometime in the future. The reason behind this theory is a dysfunctional piece of metal that can be seen lying in one of the buildings in Hunter’s Haven. This location is brand new in the season 5 map, and players can spot a mech suit there. Is this the return of the much hated piece of tech in Fortnite? We will find out.
  2. Is Oro Midas?– This theory has been making rounds for a long time now. Since Oro was added in Season 2 and later taken away only to be replaced by Midas, some think they are the same character, only snapshots of each other. Furthermore, Oro came in a set known as the Midas’ Revenge Set. That cannot be a coincidence, Fortnite!
  3. Who is John Jones’ boss?– If you are a Fortnite fan, this question must have struck you at some point. The female voice on the phone called ‘Janice’, does not have a face until now. However, there are teases of an upcoming female character that many believe is going to be Jonesy’s boss on the phone. There are even rumors that Janice is actually female Midas.
  4. Terminator and the Predator in Fortnite?– Recently, Fortnite content creators received a package that contained Jonesy’s briefcase and a list of items. While most of the hints could be figured out, there was a black sunglass and a thread necklace with a tooth. Fortnite theorists believe that these two items refer to the Terminator and the Predator who are coming to the game in the future.
  5. A Witcher crossover– Jonesy’s bag also had a few tokens inside it. While many characters are known to be associated with coins and tokens (Harvey Dent to John Wick), one character from the gaming world stands out in this aspect. The Witcher might be the next hunter in Fortnite, and this will surely drive fans of both the franchises crazy! The Geralt of Rivia is the one to whom all gamers toss a coin to.

For more such theories have a look at the video below.

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