5 leaked Fortnite items potentially coming soon

The April 8 maintenance patch for Fortnite may have been small, but a few big changes were hidden deep in the game files, raising suspicions about further changes coming to the battle royale in coming weeks.

The April 8 patch for Fortnite was more to fix performance issues rather than introduce new content into the game. With the next season on the horizon, and the Deadpool event well underway, there wasn’t much to add.

However, in the future, there could be some exciting changes on the way, with data miners uncovering new items ready to add in upcoming patches.

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The Deadpool event is well underway in Fortnite, but these leaked items could reveal what’s coming next.

The five items were discovered by ‘Spedicey1’ in the rather empty April 8 maintenance update. While they only exist as code strings right now ⁠— with no images available ⁠— players might now have a little idea of what to expect.

The unreleased items include a new Rocket Launcher, Tornado Grenades, itemized Upgrade Stations, a Clone Machine, and a Chug Stand.

The full list of strings and descriptions Spedicey found are listed below:

  • WID_Athena_LumpyRug (new type of rocket launcher)
  • WID_ShakingTurtle (tornado grenade)
  • AGID_Wumba (itemized upgrade stations)
  • AGID_CoolMammoth (clone machine)
  • Athena_ChuckleSaddleItem (chug stand)

Items getting added into the game files doesn’t mean they’ll be pushed to players, however. Some of these new pieces of equipment may never see the light of day in Fortnite.

However, some of these changes could shake up how the meta of the battle royale evolves.

Upgrade benches have been a point of contention for Fortnite players ⁠— especially since the release of Warzone and its buy stations ⁠— and expanding their power could increase customization for players every game.

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Fortnite’s upgrade benches could be getting some new bonuses very soon.

It could also make way for gold material to finally have a use in Fortnite. Players cashing in gold to get upgrades to their weaponry seems to be the popular consensus as to how upgrade stations will operate if they’re changed in the future, although nothing is confirmed.

The soonest some of these new features will be implemented is Patch v12.40, which will be dropped on April 14. However, it’s likely that we won’t see any of these items for quite some time.

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