5 Best Fortnite Season 6 Battle pass skin combos you need to try

Fortnite Season 6 has preset combinations that were clearly made for each character, just like every season. To say “The Spire Assassin looks great with the Spire flame and Soul’s Reach,” would be obvious. Epic Games takes great care to ensure that each character and their assets match.

Taking characters from the new season and pairing them with older gear and pickaxes is cooler and more interesting. While the older items weren’t designed to be matched with the newer characters, when done right, they match better than items made specifically for the skin.

The 5 best Fortnite Season 6 Battlepass skin combos

#5 – Agent Jones Martial arts / Wolf Back Bling / Snake Eyes Katana

Image via Fortnite

Fortnite Season 6 brings a variety of outfits to Agent Jones. Agent Jones will go absolute ninja with this outfit, pickaxe, and back bling. Agent Jones’s aesthetic is clear: he is a martial artist who is skilled with bladed weapons. This combination is appealing and should make people smile as they come across it.

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#4 – RAZ / Love Wings / Flawless Pickaxe

Image via Fortnite

This is exclusive to Raz in his first outfit, as the others don’t match. These Love Wings and flawless pickaxe match in the sort of warrior among the Gods type look. Raz’s gold necklace goes well with his flawless pickaxe, and his love wings give him an ethereal look.

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#3 – Cluck / BoomBox / StarWand

Image via Fortnite

Among the best-looking skins in Fortnite, Cluck is the finest animal skin and its level of detail is unparalleled. Cluck’s colorful nature is highlighted with this kind of backbling and pickaxe combination.

This combination of pink and yellow works very well for a lighthearted yet skillful playstyle and it looks like Cluck was made for it.

#2 – Raven / Illusion Rune/ PSI Blade

Image via Fortnite

Few skins in Fortnite Season 6 match better than this combo. It’s like the Illusion Rune and the PSI Blade was made for Raven. Although most of her known powers are usually shaded in black, these more colorful illusion-type weapons match her quite well.

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#1 – Spire Assassin Skin / Nucleus Backbling / Fusion Sycthe

Image via Fortnite

Spire assassins are inherently dark and mysterious characters. It seems like she is a go-to character for players looking for a female killer like the original Raven. Pairing the Assassin with the Nucleus and Fusion Scythe gives this look a wrath of the underworld sort of look.

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Published 19 Mar 2021, 18:55 IST

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