10 Skins Players Wish They Could Have In Real Life

Fortnite is one of the best-selling games on the market, with its yearly revenue of $1.8 billion in 2019. It is played by people of all ages with its addictive gameplay and customizable characters. One of the main contributors to the game’s success is the fact that it is free-to-play. It gains most of its money from the season passes and players buying in-game currency to customize their character.

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Fortnite allows players to customize their character’s skin, the glider which gets you down to the map, their harvesting tool which you can use to destroy objects, and finally, their infamous backpacks. There are currently 797 skins and 384 harvesting tools that can be bought or earned. Most of them also carry over into the oft-neglected Save The World mode, as well. Players definitely have a lot of cool cosmetics to choose from.

10 DJ Yonder (RIP Daft Punk)

DJ Yonder Fortnite Skin Loading Screen

DJ Yonder is attainable by reaching Tier 1 in the Season 6 Battle Pass. He was introduced in Chapter 1: Season 6. Combined with the Smash Up pickaxe from that same collection, it makes you the ultimate DJ!

First of all, his outfit is very casual. Light-up pants would not only make you the coolest person at the party but also the brightest! The helmet resembling a llama on his head could add an eccentric look to an outfit. If this were real, the wearer would be the best-dressed DJ in the world and could maintain their anonymity, too.

9 Mancake The Pancake Bandito

Mancake Fortnite Skin

Mancake is an Epic skin and a part of Chapter 2: Season 5. He is exclusively gained through the battle pass by reaching Tier 29. Combine this character with Josie, the matching hunting rifle with pancakes attached, and out comes the pancake warrior.

Firstly, you have an instant food supply: your head. This is very useful if you’re hungry all the time, just don’t eat too much. Hard sticks of butter attached to you that don’t melt are also quite cool if you need an easy weapon. The Western-style is also a cool skin in itself and makes you feel powerful with the two guns strapped to the waist.

8 Midas The Man With The Golden Touch

Midas is a Legendary skin and also a fan favorite, so, unlike these 10 skins, it’s no surprise why. He can be obtained by reaching Level 100 in Chapter 2: Season 2 Season Pass. Midas was heavily based on King Midas from Greek Mythology. Anything King Midas touched turned to gold and he even had donkey ears at one point.

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Everything you touch turning to gold is a clear reason to want the skin in real life. Think about the amount of money you could make! His gold weapons are also a very cool element to him as this would be quite fun to show off. Let’s not forget the fashionable, well-tailored suit — something everyone can be jealous of.

7 Mayhem/Maniac

Mayhem Fortnite Skin

Mayhem is a Rare skin and can be purchased in the store for 1,200 v-bucks (in-game currency). She also has an alternate style called “Maniac” which changes her clothes to a more high-tech and bright suit.

One feature of her skin that would be impressive to have in real life would be her armband. This is due to it having a bright green touchscreen device! There has bound to be a lot of futuristic technology in there for you to play around with. Her metal armor could also be a great benefit in real life, giving you a defense and an easy weapon.

6 Firewalker Walk With Me

Firewalker Fortnite Skin Promotional Image

Firewalker is a Rare skin released in 2019 on February 4th. This was a day before Lunar New Year! It was inspired by the dragon (specifically the Chinese dragon style) commonly seen around this time of year celebrated by many Asian cultures. In the store, it costs 1,200 V-Bucks. They released this alongside their Lunar Year 2019 event.

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Having this skin in real life would be not only interesting, but a nice way to pay homage to Lunar New Year. The dragon mask would make you radiate confidence and power. Rocking up to a costume party with this would make you the talk of the party. The golden design all over the body and the clothing are beautifully painted. The muscles are also a nice bonus.

5 Arachne (Tag Your Horror)

Arachne and Spider Knight Fortnite Skin

Arachne is a Legendary skin released in Chapter 1: Season 6 for 2,000 V-Bucks. She represents one well-feared animal — the spider. Arachne also has a male counterpart, called Spider Knight. Equip the Long legs back bling and you’ve created a human spider to strike fear into the hearts of rivals.

Having the captivating spider helmet is a sure way to get rid of most enemies with arachnophobia being one of the most common phobias. Her steel armor allows you to stay extra safe and protected. Webs are quite strong and if you’ve seen Spiderman, this could be quite beneficial. Her variety of weapons would ensure you looked very badass. Hopefully, you wouldn’t have to eat bugs to survive with it though.

4 Elmira The Sorcerer’s Stylist

Elmira and Castor Fortnite Skin

Elmira is an Epic skin released in Chapter 1: Season 6 for 1,500 V-Bucks. She was released with the Arcane Arts set with a male counterpart named Castor. There are 3 alternate styles for her: Fire, Icewater, and Dark. These multiple styles show her variety of powers not unlike another budding Battle Royale game called Spellbreak.

Her red cloak is powerful and she’s wearing a stunning blue broach on the collar. All of her many accessories could make every outfit magical. The mystical belt would be amazing to have in real life due to the mysterious spell book attached to her waist which you could use to unlock some hidden powers! If paired with the Tome Pouch, you could also have a bag of spells and tomes. Or at least carry a set of dice for D&D with you.

3 The Better-Than-Elsa Ice Queen

The Ice Queen Fortnite Skin with Axe

The Ice Queen is a Legendary skin released in Chapter 1: Season 7. She costs 2,000 V-Bucks and is part of the Ice Kingdom set. This set also includes her male counterpart known as The Ice King. She’s also available in red, silver, and gold. Players have suggested that she may be inspired by the Frozen franchise.

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The headdress is fit for a queen and would make a player feel like one. The fluffy shawl and the armor would make you look like, and feel like the coolest evil queen there’s ever been. The flowing cape on her back with the unique blue designs would add flair to every one of your outfits. Wearing this skin to a party would upstage everyone there! Just maybe skip it for the summer parties (yikes!).

2 Depth Dealer (He Deals Depths)

Depth Dealer Fortnite Skin

Depth Dealer is a Rare skin, and he was released in Chapter 2: Season 1. He was released with the Open Water set and costs 1,200 V-Bucks from the store. The entire set surrounds things like deep water fishing, so this skin is the definition of adventure!

The skin is covered in useful pockets and protective gear. The amount of items you could store on your body with this skin is phenomenal. The camouflage scarf and pants create the perfect sneaky combo. Knee pads will also help with whatever you decide to do in the wild. With this skin, you can look cool and feel safe.

1 Stage Slayer The Slash Inspired Rocker

Stage Slayer Fortnite Skin

Stage Slayer is an Epic skin released in Chapter 1: Season 5. He is available for 1,500 V-Bucks. Within his set, he also has a female counterpart known as Synth Star. The inspiration for him is suggested to be Slash, the lead guitarist of Guns ‘N’ Roses.

His leather jacket and jeans combination is always a winner. It’s powerful, stylish, and exudes confidence. Paired with the gloves, it gives true 80s rock and roll vibes. The jacket is branded with GH, the name of their band being Grasshopper. Whether or not the band existed, it would make you feel like one of the band. Lastly, the top hat with playing cards gives a sense of mystery and would be a great skin to have in real life.

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