10 Marvel Superhero Skins The Battle Royale Needs

Fans of Battle Royale games look at Epic Games‘ Fortnite as a game-changer in the genre. After all, the title takes a humorous turn towards making the genre more exciting for a general audience. Unlike the more action-packed nature of other genre hits, Fortnite adds thrill with its base-building mechanics and its new cosmetic features. Moreover, fans currently marvel (no pun intended) at the inclusion of Marvel skins in the game.

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In turn, fans can now play the Battle Royale as Marvel’s most popular heroes. Gamers can suit up as Iron Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, Storm, or even She-Hulk. However, some fans might want to play as other Marvel superheroes that aren’t always relying on tights and jumpsuits. Thankfully, Marvel has enough heroes to keep up with Fortnite‘s “builders and badasses with guns” theme.

10 Hawkeye

Hawkeye - Fortnite Marvel Costumes Theories

In a game where Hawkeye’s Bow exists, it’s quite interesting why Hawkeye isn’t in Fortnite yet. The Avengers’ iconic archer fits the weapons-heavy atmosphere of the battle royale. Moreover, his iconic purple costume has enough stylish appeal to fit in with the rest of Fortnite‘s famed cosmetics.

Interestingly, leaks have surfaced that teased an upcoming skin that strangely looks like Hawkeye as he appeared in Avengers: Endgame. Unlike the purple tactical suit, the leaked skin has Clint sport a tactical vest, combat pants, and combat boots as well as a variety of pouches. More convincingly, he has a tattoo on his left arm that resembles the one Clint got during his stint as Ronin.

9 War Machine

War Machine - Fortnite Marvel Costumes Theories

If Iron Man can be in Fortnite, so can War Machine. In the comics, the War Machine suit is worn by James Rhodes, a close confidant of Tony Stark. Unlike the Iron Man armor, the War Machine has a more tactical appeal to it. Despite being slower and bulkier than a traditional Iron Man suit, the War Machine compensates with an arsenal of heavy weapons and artillery.

Thankfully, Fortnite fans seem to want the War Machine costume as well that some modders even try to modify the Iron Man costume to look like Rhodey’s suit. However, a unique and bulky War Machine costume would help set it apart from Tony’s sleek Iron Man armor.

8 Spider-Man Noir

Spider Man Noir - Fortnite Marvel Costumes Theories

Marvel fans would definitely want New York’s friendly neighborhood webslinger to join players in Fortnite. After all, Spider-Man‘s approach towards humor even against enemies makes him quite a memorable character for fans and newcomers alike. Interestingly, fans already theorize that Fortnite might make a Spider-Man costume happen soon enough – be it as an Item Shop exclusive or as next season’s offering.

However, perhaps fans might want to make their wishes go up a notch by clamoring not just for a Spider-Man costume. Rather, fans might want to consider Spider-Man Noir’s costume instead. Unlike the red-and-blue jumpsuit, Spider-Man Noir gives Spider-Man a sleek black suit coupled with a trenchcoat, completing that detective look.

7 Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier - Fortnite Marvel Costumes Theories

What’s a game with Captain America without Bucky Barnes? Originally assigned as Steve Rogers’ protege, Bucky Barnes was believed to have died on a mission with the Cap. However, as it turns out, Bucky resurfaces as the brainwashed Winter Soldier. Unlike Captain America’s costume, Winter Soldier sports a Vibranium arm and a much deadlier outlook on combat. Winter Soldier now has mastery over several forms of martial arts as well as the usage of various firearms.

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Winter Soldier’s Fortnite costume may very well be based on his signature look. Bucky, as the Winter Soldier, wore a tactical vest with various straps that contained his gear. However, more prominent would be the mask that hid his identity, and the iconic red star on his Vibranium arm.

6 Nick Fury

Nick Fury - Fortnite Marvel Costumes Theories

In speaking of badasses with guns, who could forget SHIELD’s Nick Fury? Assigned to protect Earth against various threats, Nick Fury always finds himself on top of his game regardless of the opposition. As a member of SHIELD, Fury keeps in touch with the Avengers and other superhuman teams to coordinate efforts against domestic and extraterrestrial threats. However, Fury does sometimes does the protecting on his own.

Nick Fury in Fortnite can wear his iconic blue jumpsuit with white combat gloves, boots, straps, and pouches. However, he may also wear the signature Samuel L. Jackson’s depiction of Nick Fury – complete with the black trenchcoat and the imposing eyepatch.

5 Red Hulk

Red Hulk - Fortnite Marvel Costumes Theories

Given how leaks already tease the appearance of the Hulk in Fortnite alongside the existence of a She-Hulk costume, it’s not outside speculation that other Hulk variants might be released in the game. Interestingly, one Hulk variation Fortnite might need would be General Thunderbolt Ross, otherwise known as the Red Hulk. In the comics, General Ross pursues the Hulk as his self-proclaimed nemesis. Moreover, General Ross’ exposure to a combination of cosmic rays and gamma radiation would transform him into the Red Hulk.

Interestingly, instead of being just a Red variation of the Hulk, General Ross seems to retain his intelligence and proficiency in tactics as the Red Hulk. In turn, Red Hulk seems to sport not just an iconic pair of black shorts but is also depicted as sometimes wearing various armaments such as guns – something fitting Fortnite‘s setting.

4 Moon Knight

Moon Knight - Fortnite Marvel Costumes Theories

If Batman and armored Iron Man can make an appearance in Fortnite, why not Moon Knight? Unlike the Dark Knight, Mark Spector’s Moon Knight is popularly known for his multiple personality disorder and an assortment of moon-themed gadgets. In the comics, a dying Spector has been blessed by the Egyptian god Knonshu to become his avatar.

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Moon Knight’s Fortnite appearance may resemble his comics counterpart. Unlike Batman’s signature black-and-grey garb, Moon Knight has a predominant white appearance. He wears a hooded cloak over a full-body suit alongside an assortment of belts and pouches.

3 Taskmaster

Taskmaster - Fortnite Marvel Costumes Theories

Another potential choice for a Fortnite appearance would be Taskmaster, an Avengers supervillain (and sometimes antihero) with the uncanny ability to “absorb” knowledge almost instantaneously. He achieved this courtesy of a special drug that unlocked his brain’s potential for procedural memory. This ability, coupled with his intense physical and mental training, allowed him to “replicate” the skills of humans at their peak. In turn, he possesses martial arts, weapons proficiency, and athleticism courtesy of his bouts with various superheroes like the Avengers.

In Fortnite, a Taskmaster skin could heavily resemble his popular depiction, with a hooded white mask and an orange cape. Taskmaster also possesses a wide variety of armaments – a shield, a baton, a whip, and even a sword – with orange hues strapped around his person.

2 The Punisher

The Punisher - Fortnite Marvel Costumes Theories

In a world where guns and violence become the norm, Marvel’s The Punisher becomes an easy fit. When Frank Castle saw the mob kill his family, he started to have a no-holds-barred approach when it comes to fighting crime. In the comics, The Punisher had a reputation for killing enemies instead of putting them to jail. And killing might be something Castle would enjoy in Fortnite.

Interestingly, The Punisher can blend in easily with the rest of Fortnite players thanks to his straightforward clothing choice. Frank Castle can wear almost any form of attire – over-the-top weapons included – , except everything had to be black and his signature white skull must be on his top. As a result, The Punisher usually sported his iconic black trenchcoat and a black kevlar with the same skull print.

1 Forge

Forge - Fortnite Marvel Costumes Theories

Of all members of the X-Men, it’s Forge that’s perhaps the more weapons-oriented. In fact, his brilliance in weapons technology and a stint as a weapons contractor enabled Forge to have quite the arsenal of tech for the X-Men. As a mutant, Forge can see mechanical energy in the visual spectrum. In turn, he uses this gift alongside his technological genius to identify the various functional and potential uses of technology around him.

Unlike other X-Men in Fortnite, Forge may seem one of the most “ordinary-looking” of the bunch. After all, Forge only needs the iconic X-Men jumpsuit as well as a few big guns in his arsenal. Aside from Cable and Deadpool, Forge remains one of those X-Men recognizable for his skill with firearms.

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