10 Best Guest Character Skins (& What They’re From)

Fortnite has had a wide range of impressive guest appearances from various video game franchises, including these great character skins.

When it comes to crossovers, there is no series that does things on the level that the groundbreaking battle royale game Fortnite does. This long-lasting game has featured characters from darn near everything at this point, introducing players of all ages to things they may have never seen before.

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Funnily enough, many Fortnite players have had no clue who even the most popular pop culture icons are who’ve been put in the game. From film icons to video game and cartoon characters, there are tons of characters that may need an explanation of their origins to those unaware of them.

10 The Ghostbusters Are Classic Film Icons

fortnite ghostbusters

In 2020 Fortnite surprised players with a call to the best in the business to take on the ghosts of the game and introduced the iconic Ghostbusters skins to the game which included many items featured throughout the series.

For those unaware, the Ghostbusters got their start in a 1984 film of the same name which starred a group of paranormal enthusiasts turned ghost hunters for the city of New York. This film has become one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons there is.

9 Doctor Doom Is One Of The Top Dogs Of Marvel Comics

fortnite doctor doom

The Marvel Comics battle pass brought in many familiar faces which of course drew many Marvel fans to the game. One of those faces was that of Victor von Doom, aka Doctor Doom.

Doctor Doom got his start as a villain to the first superhero family, the Fantastic Four, and has since grown into one of the most powerful forces in the entirety of the Marvel Universe.

8 The Tron Series Was A Pop Culture Juggernaut

fortnite tron

In February of this year, the Fortnite team randomly introduced the futuristic warriors of the Grid to the game, making Tron a new face of Fortnite.

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This surprise came from the Tron series, a series straight from Disney about a virtual world and the sentient beings that live within it. This series began with a film in 1982 but the outfits in the game come from the 2010 sequel film, Tron Legacy.

7 No One Wants To Come Face To Face With A Predator

fortnite predator

The fearsome warrior from another planet dubbed, The Predator, was introduced as an unlockable skin as of the Chapter 2 Season 5 battle pass. This is yet another pop culture icon.

The Predator is actually from an alien species called the Yautja that hunt the strongest for honor and sport as well. They come from the 1987 film of the same name, Predator.

6 The T-800 Traveled From The Future For Battle Royale

fortnite t-800

More people probably are aware of the T-800 due to his nickname, the Terminator. This machine of destruction traveled from the future, not for John Conor, but for Fortnite main character, John Jones.

This machine became a pop culture mainstay after the 1984 film, The Terminator. It might be more recognizable by its synthetic humanoid form played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

5 Lara Croft Helped Shape Video Games

lara croft fortnite

Fairly recently, Epic Games added a Lara Croft outfit to Fortnite, much to the surprise and happiness of Tomb Raider fans everywhere. She even has styles referencing her gaming history.

While many may be more familiar with the Tomb Raider film series, it all began as a video game starring Croft herself. This series cemented her as one of the big women of gaming.

4 Cable Is Another Marvel Comics Legend

cable fortnite

Yet another less than mainstream Marvel character was introduced to Fortnite in an earlier battle pass that starred Deadpool and other members of the X-Men subteam, the X-Force.

This character is Cable, an X-Men member from the future trying to stop the catastrophe to come. He is also a mutant and the son of Scott Summers, better known as Cyclops.

3 Chun-Li Is The Strongest Woman In The World

fortnite chun li

Chun-Li is literally one of the most important characters in gaming, being one of the first playable female characters. She was recently introduced to Fortnite in a collaboration with Capcom.

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Chun-Li and another series mainstay, Ryu, came to Fortnite from the fighting game series Street Fighter. She comes equipped with her Street Fighter Alpha outfit as well.

2 Master Chief Is A VideoGame Icon

fornite master chief

When it comes to video game icons, few stack up against the juggernaut that is Microsoft and Xbox’s mascot character, Master Chief of the famed Halo series.

Halo is hailed as one of the most important first-person shooters out there and a home console goliath. Master Chief’s story is still continuing to this day on the new Xbox Series X.

1 The Xenomorph Is A Beloved Movie Monster

fortnite xenomorph

Another character that was recently added to Fortnite in a random surprise is the alien Xenomorph which can be best categorized as a giant and deadly ant with acid spit, blood, and a mouth inside its mouth.

This creature comes from the 1979 sci-fi horror film, Alien, which spawned a series starring this fearsome alien race that only exists to kill and grow its hive.

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