10 Best Fortnite Events, Ranked

Ever since the ‘Rocket Launch’ event, the developers of Fortnite have replicated this formula by adding another one for nearly every season of the game. In the early seasons, each event transformed the map and some even continued on into the next season (like The Cube that lasted from season 5 to season 6). However, lately, the events haven’t been as simple as they used to be.

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Every few months, each event gets bigger and better, with new things added every time to make it more interactive. Fans no longer just sit back and watch the event, now they are part of it, which is probably why it has remained so popular with the fanbase.

10 Rocket Launch (Season 3)

The Rocket flying into the map on Fortnite

It’s hard not to respect the ‘Rocket Launch’ for being the first to start an amazing trend that every fan looks forward to each season. This was the event that started it all and created the first major change to the Fortnite map, which involved destroying Dusty Depot.

Looking back on this event, the Fortnite map is so entirely different now. Even though this was a fast and short event, in which players just watched a rocket crash into the map, it’s still a special memory for fans.

9 Unvaulting (Season 8)

The vault being destroyed in Fortnite

In season 8, the giant vault on the map remained a mystery for fans. As the event began, players got to enter the vault and choose which item they wanted back into the game.

This was one of the first interactive events on Fortnite and it was exciting to see fans work together and make their choice. Also, Tilted Towers got destroyed during this event, which is something many players anticipated for many seasons.

8 Butterfly Event (Season 6)

The player touching the butterflies in Fortnite

Fortnite always blows fans away with their events, and this is the first time that they literally blew them off the map into another dimension. As the ‘Cube’ era finally came to an end, so did the mini island above Loot Lake.

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Players got to leave the island of Fortnite for the first time and were all floating in an unknown dimension until a snap brought them all back into the game. Of course, the map went through a huge change when players returned, making this event exciting and unexpected.

7 Star Wars (Chapter 2 Season 1)

Kylo Ren with his lightsaber ignited on Fortnite

This event brought villains from a galaxy far away straight into Fortnite, as fans got to watch an actual war between The Resistance and The First Order. This event even welcomed celebrity guests into the game, such as actor Ben Schwartz.

As the battle came to a close with the thrilling Star Wars music, J.J. Abrams,  the director of The Rise of Skywalker, walked out of the Millenium Falcon and allowed players to vote on an exclusive clip to watch from the movie before it was released.

6 The End (Season 10)

The End event in Fortnite

This is the event that marked the end of the first chapter of Fortnite, leading into a whole new chapter, with new collabs, a new map, and new additions to the game.

Being season 10, fans knew they were in for a huge surprise from this event, but what they didn’t expect was the black hole that left many fans waiting for hours on end for the next season to begin. It took an entire two days before the next season started, making this event full of excitement and anticipation.

5 The Device (Chapter 2 season 2)

The player witnessing The Device starting up

For the first time ever, players got to see the storm completely destroyed and replaced with water. Not only that but during the event, there were also clips of an outside look of the people watching over the Fortnite island, which appeared to be Jonesy in an office.

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During the event, players got to play a match with a water storm, leading into the new season that brought water all over the map, sharks, and even an Aquaman skin to the game.

4 Astronomical (Chapter 2 Season 2)

The player looking at a giant Travis Scott in Fortnite

Out of every event, the Astronomical concert by Travis Scott was one of the most immersive experiences for fans of the game. This all took place in the form of a concert with original music by Travis Scott.

Fans got to watch a giant Travis Scott perform across the map, along with many trippy effects, including getting a glimpse of outer space in the Fortnite world. Fans also received free items for participating in this event, such as a glider and emote, making it all the more worthwhile.

3 Galactus (Chapter 2 Season 4)

The player confronting Galactus in Fortnite

There hasn’t been an event that presented a more menacing villain than Galactus on Fortnite. During this event, he literally towered over the players as he prepared to eat the entire Fortnite map.

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As Galactus knocked players off of their ship, they were rescued by Iron Man and then asked to join on a mission to stop Galactus. Being part of Iron Man’s mission allowed players to drive the battlebus and shoot rockets from it, all while meeting some of the other Avengers in the game.

2 Zero Crisis (Chapter 2 Season 5)

The player witnessing the Zero crisis event in Fortnite

During this event, players once again had the chance to save the Fortnite island on an interactive adventure. This time, players actually got to wander around the new map to help Jonesy and other characters.

This event really began to expand the Fortnite story, original characters, and lore into something more. It also acted as a teaser, by allowing players to play as skins in the battle pass by randomly having them change characters, before given the chance to purchase the pass.

1 Final Showdown (Season 9)

The player watching The End

Even though the final showdown isn’t one of the most recent events, it still manages to be one of the most impressive, even though it lacks the minigames and interactive characters that newer events have.

In this event, the battle between the robot and the monster was incredibly cinematic and made players feel as if they were watching Godzilla vs Kong. Viewers were also able to root for who they wanted to win which had them at the edge of their seats as the battle went on.

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